Photographic Services.

You can hire me for a multitude of photographic assignments when it comes to Nature or People photography.
Below you can find the most common types of assignments I do or have done for clients. If what you have in mind is not featured, don't hesitate to contact me to so how and if I can be of help to you.

Nature Photography.

Nature & Wildlife

Any photographic project you can think of that leads to beautiful photographic images, I am in for. Whether it is around the corner or around the world, if it is beautiful images you want, I will find them for you.

Travel Photography

Travelling is more than going from one pretty place to another. It’s also the space in between, the people you meet, the culture you find and the emotions you go through. Travel stories through images and words is what I have to offer, you just have to think of the destination.

Adventure & Outdoor

If you have an outdoor & adventure project and need a photographer to document it, don’t hestitate to contact me. Together I’m sure we can find a perfect way to make this project into a vivid photographic story.

Architecture & Design

Man-made beauty can rival natural beauty in many ways. I am available to find this beauty through photography for your project whether it is a real-estate, architectural or even product related photoshoot.

People Photography.


You want a beautiful portrait of you, your family or your kids? Then take a look at my portfolio. My portraiture is defined by the use of as much natural light of possible and is as spontaneous as possible. No big studio set-up, but a small scale and friendly shoot providing beautiful images.

Location shoots

If you need photographs of you, your family or collegues and you want them to be in a particular location? No problem. What you can expect is a less formal portrait, but a much more natural one than any taken in a studio.

Family or groups

With a family or groups the key to great photographs in interaction. So besides some posed shots of the group, expect some creative shots with a less formal and classic look as the interaction between the different people is captured.

Photography at home

There is no place where adults and children alike feel more comfortable than in their own home. Therefore it is a great place to photograph people. It is a stressfree environment for everyone. You be yourselves, I will get the images.

Photographic Education.

Besides going out in the field and photographing, I also teach courses around photography and post-processing. Be it beginner level or advanced I can help you take the next step in your photography.

Photography for beginners

Everything you need to know when you get your first camera or want your pictures to go from snapshots to great photographs.

Nature & Wildlife photography

Everything you need to know to advance your skills when shooting nature and wildlife.

Automotive photography

From shooting race cars on track to shooting beautiful cars on a specific shoot, this course will get you the results you were hoping for.

Lightroom (Basic to Advanced)

You have taken your pictures, now you have to manage them and finish them. If you are new to Lightroom or already have some basic experience, this course will get you underway to a workflow that works for you and delivers the end results that you have always wanted.

Custom Courses

If there is a subject you want to learn more about whether it is in photography or post-processing, contact me for a course that suits your specific needs. This can be a personal one-on-one course or a group course for you and your friends

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