My philosophy on photography ...

Bring Beauty Closer.


There is a lot of beauty around us every day. However, most of this beauty passes us by without us noticing. There may be a lot of reasons for this. We might be so accustomed to it we don’t notice it any more. We might not look closely enough. We even might not think of it as beauty because of prejudice or our own expectations. But it is there, and it can be natural, or it can be man-made. The trick is to look for it. My personal goal is to bring beauty closer to everybody through my own work or by teaching others to go out on the search of beauty.

Natural & man-made.

My love of nature drives my search for beauty mainly to the outdoors and so most of my work will be centered around the beauty of nature, from its impressive vistas to the small details that are so easily missed. But beauty can be man-made as well and my interests in art, architecture and design have opened my eyes to a wide array of man-made beauty. It will regularly be featured in my work often in conjunction or contrast with its natural surroundings.


My work is unique as it is personal. It represents my view on the world, my view on beauty and my personal emotions at that moment in time. This is what I want to pass on to you and hope that through my work you develop your own emotions around the work and feel that because of the work, you are a bit closer to beauty every day.


If I would have to describe my people portraits in two words, it would be “natural” en “spontaneous”. The best images in my opinion and in my vision come when not too much preparation is put into them beforehand. That doesn’t mean they are not well thought-through, it just means that they don’t require a bunch of extra tools (like flashes and lights). I prefer to photograph in natural light and in an environment the people are naturally comfortable in.


I like to photograph people in their natural environment. This can be indoors or outdoors, but it’s a place the person or persons feel comfortable. When people feel at home, a first difficult barrier is taken away towards a great portrait. Add to this the fact that I don’t like to use too much extra tools like big flashes and the uncomfortableness of taking someone’s portrait is reduced to a minimum. In the end it will be just the photographer and the subject. This “natural” way of working makes for a very relaxed photoshoot and hopefully a very relaxed and “natural” portrait.


Although a studio photoshoot can result in beautiful images, for most people it is a stressful and sometimes even unpleasant experience. Therefore, I try as much as I can to keep a photoshoot spontaneous and light-hearted. Of course, I give some direction occasionally, but more than that I try to be in a position to take the best possible image before even having to direct a person to move or face in a particular direction. This way the person being portraited doesn’t get the feeling of having to do something they don’t want. And when a person feels like they can do anything they want, to stay more relaxed and spontaneous. In combination with the “natural” approach to the place and setup of the shoot, the “spontaneous” approach toward the subject leads to beautiful images that bring everyone’s beauty closer.

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